Why do a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are great way to reduce pigmentation and create a healthy glow. Dead skin cells make the skin look dull and clog pores. Peels dissolve away the old cells allowing new cells to surface making the skin appear brighter, more youthful, help diminish imperfections and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Peels are also great in the treatment of acne by exfoliating and cleaning pores.

Why a peel over a facial?

A facial at a spa is a great way to relax and help improve the appearance of the skin. The results are not as dramatic as what you would see from a peel done by a trained medical aesthetician  at a doctor’s office. Chemical peels contain stronger more active ingredients like salicylic and gycolic acid.

What will my face look like after a peel?

After most peels at our office  your skin may feel tight and look slightly red.  The amount of peeling you will see depends on your personal needs and skin goals. Peeling begins in 2 days and does not need to be heavy for great results. Sunscreen needs to be used right away and you can use make up if you want.

Do I need to do anything before or after?

Avoid retinoids for at least a day before.  Ask when you can restart your usual routine.  Always wear sunscreen to maintain your results.

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