Enemy Lines/Crows Feet

Crow’s feet, the lines that extend out from the corner of the eyes, begin in our 20s due to sun exposure, free radical formation and facial expressions. By our 30s they become noticeable for most individuals.


PROTECT  the delicate skin around the eyes with sunscreen, sunglasses and don’t smoke.  Use an eye specific serum or cream to fight free radicals.

CONCEAL Makeup can settle into these lines and make them look worse. Always use an eye area specific moisturizer then a primer. Powder containing makeup holds up better. For dark circles use cream concealer a shade lighter than your foundation. Blend with a sponge.

COMBAT dark circles and puffiness by avoiding salt in your diet and getting a good nights sleep. Pick an eye product with a brightener and caffeine. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels beneath the skin fighting both dark circles and puffiness. Cool compress can help. Obagi eye serum is applied with its own cooling metal ball.

TREATMENT/PREVENTION  When we are young crows feet are only present when we smile but as we age the lines get etched in permanently. Botox relaxes the muscle that contracts around the eye. Botox can effectively reduce or eliminate these lines from most individuals.  It is best to begin Botox early to prevent crows feet from developing in the first place. Botox is a safe, affordable option but does need to be repeated every 3 1/2 months.


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