A Female Gynecologist’s Guide to Sexual Lubricants and Vaginal Moisturizers

Many woman need vaginal moisturizers or sexual lubricants regardless of age. Needing a lubricant does not mean you have a problem or inadequacy.  The need for lubricants or moisturizers increases with age especially after menopause. Medications like antihistamines, oral contraceptive … Continue reading


Our Brains On Hormones: Period/Pregnancy brain debunked but cravings may be fact of life !

In OBGYN news around the web this month:

Study disproves the concept of  “pregnancy brain fog” or “period brain“.  In 88 women studied, cognition was not decreased in pregnancy or during menstruation (articles run in Time http://Health.com).

In another article “Is it me or my hormones?”, J Clin Endocrinology Metab, women’s brains did respond differently to visual food cues during the premenstrual or luteal phase of their cycle versus the beginning half of the cycle. But hey we knew that already!

Concussions shown to cause irregular menstrual cycles in 24% of women for 2 or more abnormal bleeding cycles suggesting brain injuries may affect hormonal regulation, Jama Pediatrics.


The Pros of Probiotics

Probiotics are live microbes that can increase or rebalance  the amount of  “good” vs “bad” bacterium in your gastrointestinal,vaginal and urinary tracts. Probiotics are found in certain foods like yogurt with live cultures and supplements. Most probiotic supplements contain Lactobacilli … Continue reading